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Internet data plans in Kenya still remains high in spite of the many players and connection to the fibre optic cable which many believed that it would help lower the price of the internet connection. Low and Average internet user mainly subscribe to Safaricom, Airtel and Orange who offers both daily and monthly data bundle plans.
You can check the current data bundle pricing for each of companies in the link below.

1. For Airtel Kenya internet data bundles plan click here.To subscribe to Airtel internet bundles, Dial the code *544#
2.For Safaricom daily internet data bundle plan click here. For the prepaid data bundles click here.
To subscribe to Safaricom internet bundles, Dial the code *544#.
3. For Orange prepaid internet data bundle plan click here. To subscribe to orange internet plan , Dial *123*4# or *124#.
Nb: These are limited data plan and once they are exhausted you're charged on Pay as you go terms.

All the three internet providers have daily, weekly and monthly unlimited data plans apart Safaricom who dropped the offer. Airtel have unlimited daily data plan for kshs 250, a weekly plan at kshs1300 and monthly plan at kshs3500. Orange also have a weekly unlimited data plan for kshs990 and monthly unlimited plan for kshs2990. However, the two have what they call Fair Usage Policy(FUP) where the top internet speed is capped at about 256kbs when the user breach the set FUP set by the provider.
Airtel kenya through club 20 promotion is also offering 100mb for kenya20. This is by far enough for daily use by an average internet user who only access social sites and check the emails.check out out how to subscribe to club20 here

Safaricom, Airtel, Orange Internet Data Bundles Plans & Price.

By SOLOMON MBURU → Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sometimes you forget your phone either in your house or at a friends place and only realize it when your too far to go back and collect it. So what can you do to remain in contact with people trying to call you or sending SMS's. Well, it now possible if you start using Android lost App. This is a android based application which is mainly used to track  misplaced/stolen phone by giving current phone location, phone battery status, SIM card currently being used among many other features. The app also notify any person who come into contact with the phone that the phone is currently misplaced. It goes further to give the number that one can use to reach out for the owner.

For more on the features check out this YouTube video

This article step by step explain how one can install the app, configure it and later use to access messages and call logs from another computer, tablet or even another mobile phone.
The first thing you do is to install the software. Go to your phone Google PlayStore and search for Android Lost app. Click Here for the Link
The first time its started, the app request one to provide a gmail account or its automatically detect gmail account being used. The app then request for administrative rights to enable the app control the phone remotely. When all the data is sent and successfully accepted the app display a message "registration completed".
Now in a computer or tablet open the website and login with the same email account you used in the mobile phone. Once logged in you can now anything you want from getting the messages, getting the phone location and even taking photo using the phone camera and retrieving them on the web.

In the webpage that open click/tap on the Control tab then click Message underneath it. From there you can indicate the number of messages to retrieve from the mobile phone and then click send. The message is sent and then little later a pop up window appear will all the number of messages requested. The app also a copy to your gmail email account.
NB: For the message to to be retrieved the phone internet has to be enabled i.e the phone must be having data bundles or enough top up to connect to the internet.
Apart from retrieving message there lots and lot of things you can do from the website.

Next time you forget you your phone don't worry to much on who has tried to call you or send you a message, login to Androidlost website and retrieve all that.
NB: The app remain active and ready to connect all the time.

How to Access Mobile Phone Inbox Messages, Call Logs Remotely thru' Web Browser.

By SOLOMON MBURU → Saturday, 5 July 2014

You have disabled windows automatic updates, disabled automatic updates for all applications but still you're not satisfied with the rate at which data bundles are being used up.Chances are, there are still more applications running in the background and connecting to the internet without your knowledge. So how can you control any connection between your computer and the outside world?  The quick answer is to install a firewall software that can monitor and control all the connections. Although windows has an inbuilt firewall, most people prefer to install third party firewall applications such as ZoneAlarm, Comodo firewall and TinyWall. These applications are more effective and reliable compared to the inbuilt firewall. TinyWall is one such firewall software though its not a standalone software like the others but works together window firewall. The application hardens and control the built in windows firewall.
So how is installing TinyWall going to help in saving data bundle usage?

Tiny Wall monitors and controls all the connections the computer try to make with outside world be it application updates, browser connection to internet e.t.c. When you have control of the internet connection that means you can allow only specific applications and block all the others. Hence low data bundles usage.

 How to set up TinyWall to control computer incoming and outgoing connections?

TinyWall is a small software that can be downloaded here,
Download and install just like any other program. Once installed you can access the application from the system tray - bottom right of your window desktop window.

> . Right click the TinyWall icon > setting to do initial setup.
 >. Click application exception tab to select applications that are automatically allowed to access internet connections. You can add others no included and also remove the ones you don't want to connect.

Tiny Wall can be in five different modes;

> . Normal protection mode - when selected, only exempted applications can connect to internet.
> .Block all - No connection at all will be allowed whether inbound or outbound.

> . All out going - Only out going connection will be allowed no incoming connection.

> . Disable firewall -  the firewall is disabled and any connection is allowed - (not recommended).
> . Auto learn - In this mode any program that you open and try to connect to the internet is white-listed and will in future connect automatically

Unless you don't want  any connection Normal Protection Mode is the most preferred as only selected applications are allowed to connect to the internet.

Why Tiny and not ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall Applications?
> . Compared to the others its the most easiest to set up.
> . Has little or non pop-up windows compared to the other.
> . Performance is as the developers indicates - everything is effective and reliable.

But what are the cons of using TinyWalls?
> . Although the application give good performance, the app crash a lot.After using it in certain mode and you want to change, sometimes it won't respond until you close it and restart again.
> . You must use the apps in administrator mode otherwise it won't run, sad for those who don't have admin password for the computer.

Nb: Its important to once in a while check which connections are currently active by right clicking on the Tinywall icon > show connections. You may realize that a certain applications were white-listed unknowingly. Simply right click the application in the Tinywall connections window and kill all processes related to the app.

Although many view TinyWall as a firewall application, it can go along way into saving your much needed data bundles not necessarily to last long but at least to be used for what they were intended for.

You can also check my earlier post on saving internet data bundles by disabling windows updates among other tweaks here

Enjoy your browsing?

How to Save Internet Data Bundles using TinyWall?

Let face it, we all have stuff on our phones that we like to keep private by protecting them with a password?. Think of the Sms's you get from friends, photos  and videos sent to you that not everyone will be comfortable with.
 By default android phones don't have a feature that can help in this, the far you can go is locking the whole phone thus making it unusable. This article looks into NQ Vault a third party app that can lock sms, photos, videos and others apps on Android phones.

NQ Vault is an android App developed by NQ Mobile Security to lock Apps, SMS's, Photos, Videos as selected by the user. In this article i will concentrate on the free version although there is a premium version where one subscribe to get more features. The App can password protect your Sms's, Photos, Videos, Email, Facebook, Skype, Tango, Instagram.

Locking your SMS's and Contacts.

With NQ Vault you can lock SMS's by specific contact, specific message from a certain contact or lock the whole SMS system. To lock SMS's from specific contact; open the app from the main screen, select sms and contacts, on the top right side of the window, tap the + plus sign and there you can select the contact numbers or the sms you want to hide or protect with a password. 
Nb: when you select hide messages, you are able to hide only the messages you select and not all the message from that specific contact.
 All the contact numbers selected or the messages are imported into the Vault and can now be only accessed through the NQ Vault window. In the SMS and contact window, tapping and holding down a spectific contact give you the option to make the contact private and delete all the contact details from the main system i.e one cannot get any message, call logs for that specific contact. Any new message will go direct to the NQ Vault and not in the default sms or log system. 
In the NQ vault setting you can even hide the notifications such that an SMS is received and no icon is displayed in the notification bar to show new message received.
The free version limit the SMS's, Call logs saved in the vault to one hundered after that you can't add more. However, you can delete the old sms's and add more new ones. 
You can remove a contact from the vault by holding down the contact and deleting it from the popup window.

Hiding Photos and Videos.

With photos and videos there is no limit as to how many you can hide. Simply open the NQ vault and select photos. Tap the + plus sign on top right and add select all the photo you want to add from your gallery. Once selected tap the next button and all the photos are imported into the Vault and can only be accessed from the Vault window. 
The same applies to videos, select the videos to hide and tapt next to import them to vault.

Locking other Applications in Android phone.

Select Apps Lock on the NQ Vault window then tap the + plus sign on top right. Select the apps to lock and then tap the LOCK button. Nb: With free version you can lock only five app; so bad. Locked apps can only be accessed by first entering the set password.

  • One good thing with NQ Vault is that it never fails to lock the apps you have selected. i have used AppLock app before and sometimes you could access the apps even without entering the password. 
  • Unless added, AppLock app didn't have the feature to hides photos and videos, only locking the apps.
  • With AppLock you wouldn't hide specific message from specific contacts, also there was no way to delete the call records from selected contacts. 
Which app do you use to lock or protect you stuff in an android based phone, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Is NQ Vault the Best Free Android App to Protect/Lock SMS,Pics & Videos?

By SOLOMON MBURU → Saturday, 14 June 2014
If you are an Android or iPhone user then you must have come across applications in the App-store that need to be paid for first before you can download and use. Unfortunately you find that you are not able to
get them since you don't have the right means to pay for the item.
This article explain step by step on how you can use a

How to Buy/Pay Online using Nakumatt Global Card - Step by Step.

By SOLOMON MBURU → Friday, 6 June 2014
 Youtube, Vimeo,DailyMotion
Media Sites
First of all, is it legal to download video's from DailyMotion, Vimeo or YouTube. Well, this is a never ending  bebate, on one side some people argue that such websites makes it illegal to download the video's since they benefit from the advertisements placed on the video's.So, if you download the video, they will have less hits which means less revenue. On the other side, others argues that you don't

How to Download Video's from DailyMotion,Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube

By SOLOMON MBURU → Friday, 3 January 2014
There are many reasons why you would like to download android apps in computer and then transfer to your android device - cellphone or tablet. At times the size of the app is big and you don't want to use your bundles to download it. In some cases you maybe in an area without good network coverage and your downloads fail midway when the connection fails.
Well you can now download any app of your choice in Google play using APK downloader. This is an online service that package the app and make it downloadable through the computer.

How to Download Apps from Google Playstore with a Computer

By SOLOMON MBURU → Tuesday, 12 November 2013

safaricom customer care center
Due to the high numbers of subscribers accessing Safaricom customer care services is usually a nightmare more so if you're trying to call. Although more people are familiar with the call service, there are four other means in which you can still access Safaricom customer care services. This includes use of Safaricom customer care twitter handle - @safaricom_care, safariocm selfcare website, Safaricom facebook page and Safaricom call services.

1. Using Safaricom Care twitter handle Safaricom_Care

If you have access to the internet, the easiest way to access safaricom customer care service is through Safaricom Twitter handle- @safaricom-Care Any assistance whether on Mpesa queries, Safaricom top up scratch card, Safaricom internet settings - phone and modem, Bonga points queries, sms services, voice services is available through the handle. On average it takes less than five minutes for the support staff to respond to your queries.  Depending on the nature of question or  issues of privacy, Safaricom staff can respond directly on the wall or they can send you a DM - direct message. Assistance through Safaricom twitter handle is less stressful and also very fast. Follow up is also easy as tweets are threaded..
safaricom twitter handle

2. Using Safaricom Online Self care  Service

Safaricom Selfcare through a web is by far the most resourceful and comprehensive way to access safaricom customer care services.To access the services you have to register on the website -  Safaricom Self-Care; enterall the required details and then click submit. A confirmation is then done either throught an email or Mobile phone SMS.. Once the confirmation code is sent you can then login to Safaricom Selfcare Centre pass entering the login name and password.
Some of the services offered here include;
    Product services - SimSwap, Voicemail, Call divert,Call barring and phone bar.
    * Mpesa - Printable history for money Sent, received, airtime purchased, Deposits e.t.
    * Bonga point queries - Redemption, redemption history and accumulation history.
    * Support services - new request, request status, Safaricom internet settings - gprs setting and Email feedback
    * Billing - credit history, recent or unbilled usage
    - For Mpesa queries, you can get up to 3 months statement that can downloaded in PDF format.
    - Phone bar/unbar shows all the phones and their IMEI number that have been used with the SIM card; you can deactivate a phone so that its not usable with your SIM card.
    The good thing with Safaricom self-care is that most of the services are automated; you have direct access to the database and can do as many queries as you like whether it on Mpesa, credit or bonga point  history. Its also easy to follow up a request since your given ticket number.

    Safaricom selfcare webpage

    3. Using Safaricom Facebook  wall

    safaricom Facebook wall
    like in twitter you can ask any question by posting on safaricom Facebook wall. From my experience i think safaricom staff are more active in twitter than in Facebook.

    4. Using Safaricom customer care USSD code *100# or calling the same number.

    This is the most popular way of accessing Safaricom Customer Care Services - calling the number 100. Safaricom have also added the option to dial *100# for the same service but this time using automated customer care service.
    For any call to go through Safaricom customer care number one has to keep trying as the number is always engaged. It may take to 10 to 15 min to go through. I highly recommend using Safaricom twitter handle if possible.

    Enough said.........Its now up you to choose the method to use.


    Five Ways to Access Safaricom Customer Cares Services

    With Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing indexing almost everything happening in the internet. It is possible that most of the things you have been doing in the internet have been linked to your accounts whether Facebook, Gmail, twitter e.t.c and anyone searching your name will come across most of them.  well, not everything indexed maybe working well towards your reputation especially if your seeking for job or good reputation mean a lot in your life.
    To search for information the internet have about you or any

    Who's Talking About You, Find Out - Google Alerts.

    By SOLOMON MBURU → Tuesday, 29 October 2013
     Getting 100mb for 20kshs to use with a modem or mobile phone isn't a bad deal. 100mb is enough for an average internet user in a day to receive and send emails, chat and interact in social media such as Facebook, twitter among others. 

    How to Subscribe?


    100mb for Kshs20 - Airtel Kenya

    By SOLOMON MBURU → Wednesday, 16 October 2013

    To browse on your phone you must have right phone internet setting from your service provider. Safaricom, Airtel, YU and Orange mobile setting may look similar but when you check carefully some of the settings are different. For example, the access points, user name, password and IP address are different.

    Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and YU Mobile Phone Internet Settings.


    What is Ultra-Surf 

    Ultra-surf is a free software  that enables one to access websites restricted or blocked by their internet administrators. Ultra-surf enables one to access the website and still remain anonymous to the administrators, who can track them.The software is a proxy based -its a server acting as an intermediary between the client(user) and where the resources are located. 

    Internet Privacy, Security and Freedom with UltraSurf

    By SOLOMON MBURU → Wednesday, 5 December 2012